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an Accountant turning their passion into a side hustle business

We’ve all heard about a side hustle. It’s all about creating an additional income stream. Not your main income but your side hustle. Turning your passion into a business is what we hold true everyday.

Why would you do something you don’t like? If you don’t enjoy doing it will it last?

If you love doing it and it’s a passion of yours then you can turn a dream into reality.

Nothing is impossible. If we can dream it we can achieve it.

Today let’s talk about ways an accountant can turn their passion into a business.

She worked 40-60 hours a week but absolutely loved her job. She loved numbers and helping people since she could remember. During tax season, she made that her side hustle. But after it was over she had to return to her 9-5.

Tiny steps and side hustles. Sometimes you have to take baby steps. One way is to turn what you love into a side hustle.

Side hustles for an accountant

Being an accountant is a perfect avenue for creating a side hustle. Take a look at list below:

  • Prepare taxes during tax time
  • Provide tax preparation consulting services
  • Provide tax planning consulting services
  • Provide outsourced CFO service
  • Prepare business plans
  • Perform business formation services
  • Provide bookkeeping services on monthly basis
  • Write a book on becoming an accountant with or without a degree
  • Provide coaching services to people trying to start a business
  • create how-to guides
  • Provide virtual accounting services
  • Provide online tutoring services
  • Create an online course
  • Write an ebook
  • Create a blog
  • Offer forensic accounting services

Ultimately you’ll want to be the go-to person for your clients. Now that you have a few examples, I’m sure your brains are churning. What services or side hustles could you create?

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