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New to the business? This little acronym needs to be your new best friends

Don’t you love that friend who is always on time?  Always giving you advice at the right time without you having to ask?  They give you advice and tips without expecting any return.  It seems like they just know what you are going through right?  Well the SBA is just like that loyal friend.   Their goal is to help you every step of the way.  Help YOU success and grow.  Think about it…business is the backbone of society.  It happens everyday everywhere.  It creates jobs; it fuels the economy.

As an entrepreneur, one of the first things I did was sign up for the email newsletter.  It comes with so many useful tips that you start to expect it every week.  Like where is my breakfast?!?  It is in all honesty truly insightful and knowledgeable guidance for people starting, growing, or expanding a business.

Here’s an excerpt of the one I received this week.  Be sure to follow the link to read the entire article and sign up for the email newsletter or try some of the programs.

5 Simple Steps for Better Management

Check out these five easy steps to improve your business. If you aren’t doing something like this, learn from small business expert Tim Berry how this simple addition to your process offers you substantial business improvement.

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